A Peace of Pie

You want to try a peace of the pie?

Whoever said food doesn’t bring peace to life is merely bluffing. Food is the very thing that brings people together. Think about it, what do you do on the holiday’s? You eat. What do you do if your wife is on her cycle and you want to keep her happy? You give her chocolate.  If your roommate just broke up with her mate you bring her ice cream. You beginning to see the trend?

This page will be all about great places to eat, recipes to try and more importantly what kind of pie to take a slice of.

On my journey of healing some of my aha moments came from sitting across a table sharing a meal with a close friend or drinking a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. There was a time that my depression and anxiety took away my appetite and willingness to eat, but since my quest for peace my taste buds are always craving something good. So, sit back relax and share a virtual meal with me after all I am a great cook (so I’d like to think).