Retail Therapy

This past weekend I spent some of my time indulging in a little retail therapy. I was on a mission to find black and gold attire for my engagement photo shoot. Countless stores later I stopped at my nearest Burlington Coat Factory  and couldn’t help but glance at the jewelry section.  It was nine o’clock and the store closed at 10, if it wasn’t for the manager coming on the intercom saying “the store will be closing in 15 minutes” I would’ve stayed there all night.

I would just like to say my jewelry collection was brought to life with the pieces I walked away with.  Clearance shopping is always worth it, I  only spent $20.  This shopping experience definitely turned my frown upside down! As for my engagement pictures, I still don’t have an outfit (sad face).  On the bright side, below I have created a collage of the jewelry I snagged this weekend.

Gold Jewel Haul

This Weekend’s Shopping Mantra: If you’re feeling blue just know retail therapy will help you!



What does fashion have to do with peace? In the midst of my funk I was told that when you look good you feel good. At the time of my deep depression that expression went in one ear and out the other. After all, I was content with wearing the same thing everyday. I didn’t care to spend time on makeup , shopping, getting my nails done and having my hair “slayed”. To me artificially styling my outer existence wasn’t enough to bring back the loved ones I lost or the peaceful state of mind I had prior to experiencing grief.

Then it hit me, God fearfully and wonderfully created me to be all that I am and more. I knew that my body was a temple and I should honor it by taking care of it. So, I gradually started dressing up and made an effort to appear put together. Changing my outer appearance improved my attitude significantly. Fashion convinced me that the right pieces could alter my mindset and the way I viewed myself. That is when retail therapy became apart of my perfect peace.

Although retail therapy is very healing it does come at a cost. So, if you are interested in saving and shopping on a budget this is the section for you! We can indulge in a little guilt-free retail therapy together.