3B8F9C8B-DBC8-424E-9A95-658BFF49B066Hello, my name is Ty!

I am native of Nebraska living a fulfilled life with my life-partner, my fiance Radell Nared and our little dog Theo. My hobbies are comprised of blogging, shopping, cooking, yoga, and experimenting with fashion. I consider myself a guru or master of bringing home amazing deals.

I have of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Creighton University, which is what inspired me to create  A Peace of Ty.  My site has grown into a collection of the whole shebang from fashion and beauty, health and wellness, decor, food and more. I started this blog to take my passion, pain and purpose to readers through my content.

 It is my determination to stimulate the minds of others by inspiring and encouraging them to live happily because happiness is within reach. To me life is about maximizing the opportunities that present itself in each new day we embrace.

In a nutshell this this is me and welcome to A Peace of Ty, where we strive to achieve peace by piece.