Peace of Mind

What will this section entail?

Throughout the past two years of my life I’ve encountered chaos like never before. It all started with the death of four friends in an auto accident, followed by the untimely passing of my aunt, then the death of my grandfather proceeded by the suicide of a colleague that rattled my mind.

After these tragedies I found myself plagued by grief, depression and anguish. I didn’t know who or what to turn to for refuge. At the time of my grieving,  I was told to rely on God plus my faith to get me through. While that was a great suggestion, it wasn’t easy to do.  There were many nights that I wished I went in the auto accident with my friends so that I wouldn’t have to experience a life full of pain.  I couldn’t understand why God chose me  to undergo such a challenging season.

Then I realized, why not me! Going through what I’ve went through taught me patience and perseverance.  Everyday isn’t easy but who said life is.

This page will feature your daily pick me up! One thing that has helped me on my healing journey is clearing my mind so that I can bring clarity to my life. It is important to create peace of mind (hence the name of this page) in order to be proactive and productive in your daily life.